Jan 08 2018

Expanding to the US


For some time we have been thinking about expanding our community to the United States and develop our amazing community there as well. We got great news for you! We just took the first step!
We made an inactive game server (#13) to exactly the same game server setup like on #1, surf_ski_2_GO with deathmatch, rpg and a lot more fun!

Game server information:
Tick: 128 tick.
Location: (US) Atlanta, GA

We hope our plans will evolve more in the United States so we can launch more game servers and establish ourselves there too.

Bug fixes/Updates:
* Improved Autobhop.
* Fixed getting stuck in slopes.
* Improved automatic server update.
* Raised max players to 32.

Best regards,


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  1. Nomad


    Will us admins have out position on this server as well or is it separate?

    Also is this RPG linked to server #1 and #7?

  2. SkippY

    We will not seperate the admins for now. We haven’t talked about that yet either. The best thing now would be if everybody can help out and make the server populated so we get interested people the who want to become admninistrator.

    The RPG is linked with all CS:GO rpg servers. #1, #7, #13, #17 & #18. 🙂

  3. The Regulator


    I have a question regarding the rules for our new server #13.

    I’ve been in a hour or two, and most players so far seems to be friendly and behave, and serveral of them fun to play with.

    Is it the same rules for server #13 as for server #1 and #7?

    I just want to address my confusion as to what applies to our new server.

    Best Regards

    The Regulator

    1. Steelshield

      It’s the same rules as #1, as it is exactly like #1. Make sure to read the rules regarding the servers, because there is a few different rules between each one

    2. FreakshoW

      As SteelShield said, the server is the same as #1 so the rules are the same but for one thing: On #13 you are not allowed to speak Swedish, it’s a English only server as its located in the US.

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