Jan 19 2018

New maps


We’re going to add some new maps on our different servers!

We’d like you guys that play on the servers to recommend a map that you would like to see on our servers.
(If you want to comment a map be sure to put in what # the server is)

If you don’t like a map that exists right now, be sure to comment what # the map is on and what map it is.

Best regards,


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  1. Bohtar

    Hi I’d really like to see the map Rooftops added to the Trouble in Terrorist Town #16
    I don’t really know if the map exist on Global Offensive but I used to play it a lot back on Gmod.

    With best regards

  2. Banjax

    Här har jag flera mappar till JB (#15 och #5): (Summer Jail Xmas edition) (Jail_Farmville) (jb_fastness_beta01a) (jb_kanker) (jb_sky_block) (jb_summer_jail_v2) (inte samma som ni redan har) (jail_xmf) (jb_moti_fix2), rekommenderar denna som mest!
    Dessa är några mappar jag hittat, skickar en till om jag hittar flera jb mappar som verkar intressant!
    Banjax :3

  3. alle

    Jag hade gärna sett er lägga till Acrophobia på MG server #14, och har även hört många andra önska detta!!

  4. swefelle

    Hej! här jag några mappar jag skulle vilja se på bhop servern.


  5. Profile photo of Englundz

    i have allready sended a link to bamse about maps so he can just check history maps for bhop and surf

    1. Nigel Thornberry

      The thing is that bamse has left surfburken. So i’m in charge off the maps for all servers. So if you could send them to me that would be great.

      Best regards Nigel

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