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Want to become V.I.P in our games servers? Donate a sum of money to our community. As a thank you, you get VIP at all our game servers.

For Rust VIP click this link for more information!   VIP (Rust)

To become VIP on our remaining game servers. (CS:GO, CS:S, TF 2)
Click here to become donor / V.I.P

Below you will find all the information you need to know.

Benefits of being V.I.P on our CS:GO/CS:S/TF2 servers

• A reserved slot on our game servers. There are four reserved slots on each game server.
◦ This will be extended if needed, this also applies to all new servers we release.
• Donator/V.I.P chat tag in-game.
• Donator/V.I.P tag in our Teamspeak 3 voice server and a private channel on the VIP section of the server. *
• Choose between 11 different chat colors. (!colors)
• Mute players via comms In SourceBans. This is done in game. **
• Immune against AFK kick.
• Immune against high ping kick.
• CTBan access. (On our JailBreak game server only). **
• Resize my head. (Team Fortress 2 only). ***
• The donor will also be added to our donor list on the website.
• Additional benefits can be added upon request.

Donation bonuses:
Credits are automatically added and will be available immediately as soon as your donation has gone through. If you encounter any problems please contact us.
• Credits added in !store/!shop
◦ 1200 Credits added in !store/!shop if you donate at least 3 USD.
◦ 5000 Credits added in !store/!shop if you donate at least 10 USD.
◦ 12000 Credits added in !store/!shop if you donate at least 20 USD.

* You must contact one of the SURFBURKEN Founder/Responsible users of our Teamspeak 3 voice server to obtain this.
** Those features are accessibly through the command !admin in-game
*** (For TF2) Some other features which you can now access through the command !admin
*** sm_resizehead (Player) (Size) > Resizes any player with a Generic Flag. (Size) = <0.0 > 3.0>
*** sm_resizemyhead (Size) > Allows you to re-size your own head with a scale number between <0.0 > 3.0>
*** Typing the command without a scale opens up a side panel in-game.

VIP’s Benefits/Information/Guide/Rules:

Click here to view our thread with information regarding V.I.P benefits.

Terms of service/Terms and conditions:

When you donate to the SURFBURKEN community, you agree to all terms and conditions.

All donations are made at your own will, the donations are used only for expenses and purchases that need to be done to develop our community.

You will get some benefits as a thank you for donating to us.

You must always follow the same rules as other players when you have donated,
you get no advantage in terms of rules when you donate.
You will still be banned if you break a rule, the donation will not be refunded as it is a donation.

You can also be turned off from VIP if a mod / admin finds it necessary even if you have not violated a “written rule”.
However, your unban-application become more of a ‘priority’ than if you had not donated
because we want you to play on our servers.

Are you under 18 years old?
Then you must have parental permission if you want to donate.
As a person under 18 years old, you may not operate a paypal account so you must either use a credit card or borrow a PayPal account.
If you borrow a PayPal account or a bank account, you must have the permission of the account owner or parent.

Have you turned 18 years old, you do not have to worry about parental permission, however, you must accept the terms of use.

Please read all information concerning what it means to be a VIP before you donate to us.
All this information is available on our website under the VIP tab.

If you do not accept the Terms, you may not carry a donation to us.

Need help or have questions? Please email our support at

Click here to become donor / V.I.P!

Information and known problems in V.I.P system:

§ Donors may need to wait up to 2 hours before everything works.
Credits are now automatically added and will be available immediately as soon as your donation has gone through. If you encounter any problems please contact us.
Does it take too long time, please contact us by email We need the Steam ID you entered when you donated.
You will always be compensated in time if problems occur.
§ If you have a shorter steam id than normal, there may be problems in the system and you need to be added manually. We do systems checks at each donation in case something should go wrong, you may be contacted if anything happened or if there are any questions.
§ Administrators may need to be added manually after they donated for VIP.
Administrators can not use their VIP function as a administrator and will therefore receive VIP time if they for any reason is not an administrator any more.