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Feb 01 2017

Upcoming server wipe on Rust


The next wipe date on the Rust server is a bit unclear right now. This is due to the forced wipe system placed by the developers of Rust, which happens every month.
This means that there is a high probability that the next wipe is tomorrow, February 2. If this isn’t the date of the forced wipe, then the date is next Thursday, February 9.
Next wipe after the above mentioned will depend on the force wipe date. That is, if the force wipe is tomorrow, February 2; then the next will be on February 16.
And if the force wipe is next Thursday, February 9; then the next wipe will be on February 23, 14 days post force wipe. Refer to the list below.

Force Feb 2? Next: Feb 16.
Force Feb 9? Next: Feb 23.
For easier lookup.
If you’re looking this up post wipe, refer to the date set on the server name and add 14 days to it for the next wipe date.
There will also be a new post about the upcoming wipe a few days before the wipe goes in effect.

-Don Farfar

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