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Jun 09 2016

Competition for administrators! (Only within scandinavia)

Hello everyone, from today 9th of June we start a new competition again. Well the competition is about the activity as an administrator, played time that counts! The one with most activity until the 31 of August will be the winner. First prize: 750 SEK on Maxgaming. Second prize: 500 SEK on Maxgaming. Third prize: …

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Feb 02 2016

SURFBURKEN on instagram!

Hello everyone! We’re now on instagram! You can follow us there for updates on our streaming partners and about our shop, clothes and other useful information. https://www.instagram.com/surfburken/ You have some ideas of what more we can post on our instagram? Feel free to make a comment with your suggestion. Best regards SURFBURKEN CREW

Dec 30 2015

We’re now hosting IgnoranceTV!

Hello my friends. We’re now hosting IgnoranceTV’s stream on http://www.twitch.tv/surfburkentv Go in and watch, talk and enjoy! 🙂 http://www.twitch.tv/ignorancetv Best regards Surfburken crew

Nov 29 2015

Blyburken is up again!

Thanks to our server responsible crew. The servers are up and running again! So #8, #9, #13 and #14 are up and running, connect and enjoy the servers once again! Best regards Surfburken crew

Nov 29 2015

Technical difficulties.

We have some technical difficulties with the server computer “Blyburken” at the moment. We’re working on it and it will hopefully be up as soon as possible! This means that the CS:Go servers #8, #9, #13 and #14 are down. Best regards Surfburken management

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