Dec 15 2015

SURFBURKEN – Economy / Budget summary

As last year, we will publish the Community costs calculated per month and year.
This is to our administrators and players should have some idea of what the community costs to operate.

The Community has very low costs because we provide most of the game servers we have at home, in different locations on different machines we bought for our own money.
Below you will see the exact costs we have, specifically for each individual service we make use of.

Web Host (
Website/database, 2 domains.
Price/year: 1030,75 SEK

Server machines that we own:
Lump sums.
MAINBURKEN: 3500 SEK – SkippY sponsor
DALABURKEN: ? SEK – Geffel sponsor
BLYBURKEN: 2800 SEK – SkippY sponsor
SKABB BURKEN: 1435 SEK – SkippY sponsor
OLD SKABB BURKEN (REPLACED): 1500 SEK – SkippY sponsor
Other purchases needed:
2x SATA disk: 649 SEK + 600 SEK
2x Switch: 300 SEK + 350 SEK
1x Router: 699 SEK
+ Various private costs for plugins and other services.
Some costs have been paid with our own money.

Server machines that we own:
Monthly fee.
DALABURKEN: 0 SEK (At TUSK3N’s expense/free).
BLYBURKEN: 0 SEK (At SpreadKillers expense/free).
SKABB BURKEN: 0 SEK (At SkippY’s expense/free).

Click here to see which machine that provides our game servers.

Game server host:
Game servers that are sponsored or that we pay for.
SwedishHost: 2x CS:GO game servers. (#1 and #4).
These game servers is sponsored by SwedishHost completely free.

Game server #11:
Price/month: 120 SEK

GameMe stats system:
Price/month: 22 USD ~ 200 SEK

Donations since the Community started in total:
Approximately 10400 SEK
Approximate income of advertising: 400 SEK/month
We have small incomes from G2A and our shop, they are not included in this budget.

Total costs in 2016: 12070,75 SEK
Here are just expenses counted, therefore, no unexpected expenses included.
If there is no money in our SURFBURKEN wallet, then we are forced to pay with our own money.

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  1. betex

    Tycker detta ser bra ut för 2016 . Och kommer donera mer till oss för vi ska kunna göra med våra server och mycket annat så vi kan hålla ihåg detta bra =)

    Mvh Betex

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