Mar 04 2018

Summary of Admin meeting 2018/03/03

Summary of Admin meeting.

  • Our timelimit.

Most admins who have 80 hours or more, do not think there are not any issues to achive the hours that are requierd. But those who haven not yet reached the time limit think it is too much. The time limit is flexible for those who work a lot or for those who have a proper reason for not being able to play that much. Playing another game is no reason to lower the time. Contact an AR if you want to discuss your specific time needed to stay on as an admin.

If any admins have questions about the 80 hours activity or the server groups in the bot they should talk to an Administrator Responsible.

  • Thank you for the extra help.

We are very grateful for the admins who helps with servers, maps, rules etc. We don’t force any admins to help with these kind of things but are very grateful to get extra help. Most recently we give a special thanks to Banjax and Fuzziz for the extra help with new maps on our servers.

  • Congratulations.

We will also like to congratulate Hype and Swefelle to their new position as Senior admins.

  • Admin calls.

We appreciate admins who take calls, an extra plus to the admins who took a lot of calls: Tuva and Xtreme. Those who haven’t taken that many calls should try to take more so that everyone helps and a few people are not left to do all the work.

  • New unban routines.

Our Admin Responsibles have new routines when a player gets unbanned from a peramnent ban. So they are going to contact the admin that did the ban, to inform about the ban appeal and unban reason.

  • Suggestions about new admins.

As an admin you can also tell a player you think would do a great job that they should make an admin application. If you do recommend someone to make an application make sure to remind them to that it is important to make good application, not even the best potential admin will be accepted if the application is poorly made.

  • Cheating.

We also brought up the subject cheating. Cheating will result in a permanent ban, either with an alternative account or your main account. In case of an admin cheating this will result in the same way, pluss you will be removed as an admin on our community.

  • Opinions about changes.

If you as an admin have questions or opinions about rules or something else that you would like to change. We would like you to contact the Admin Responsibles, It’s not easy to change something we don’t know about. Instead of going to other players and talk about It.

  • New USA servers.

We brought up the new servers, number #2 and #13. It’s an Only English/American server. These servers are our new USA rpg surf servers.

  • FiveM servers.

We introduced the FiveM server to our CSGO admins, as an admin at our CSGO servers you are NOT a obvoius FiveM admin. You need to apply aswell.

  • A little reminder.

Just a little reminder about the guidelines for general rules.


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