In-game !store plugin system.
Command to use in-game: !store

We have made it available for players so that they can turn the features off for themselves so that they do not see custom models.
This is done via the command !settings

Active on these game servers:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: (Store database synced with Team Fortress 2). #1 SS2|DM|SURF|SM:RPG by #2 DM|SURF|SM:RPG [128 TICK] by #3 ScoutzKnivez [128TICK] #5 JailBreak #2 #7 DM|SURF|SM:RPG 24/7 #9 DM|SURF|ROTATION 24/7 #13 SS2|DM|SURF|SM:RPG [128 TICK] #14 Minigames [Courses] Respawn #15 JailBreak #16 TTT (Trouble In Terrorist Town) #17 HOEJHUS9 DM|SM:RPG [128 TICK] #23 HnS Blocks [128 TICK] by

!store is linked to all theese game servers.
Available player model skins are Trevor Philips (T), Deadpool (T), Harley Quinn (T), Solidsnake (CT), Connor Kenway (CT) and Doom Slayer (CT).
You can see all available trails here: !store Trails.

Team Fortress 2: (Store database synced with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).
SURF 10 X | !store | DM | RTD [GameMe] – by:
No available player model skins on this game server. Color menu, and nade trails is not active on this game server.

Counter-Strike: Source: (Separate store database).
Available player model skins are Iron Man (CT/T), CF Joint Task Force (CT/T), Sam Fisher (CT) and Bane (T).

Through the store in-game, you will be able to “buy”
Player model skins.
Nade trails
Chat colors
Tracers (Counter-Strike: Source only).

Shop Inventory
Loadout (Works properly in Counter-Strike: Source only).

Earn credits by being active on the game server.
VIPs get free credits when they are donating. Read more here.
We do not sell credits, you get it as a bonus when you become a VIP.

Known problems:
Problem: Trail/nade trail/title doesn’t work.
Solution: Go into your inventory, unequip then equip your trail/title again and it should work.

Problem: Chat colors doesn’t work.
Solution: Wait for a new round or reconnect.
Information: Chat colors/titles may not work for administrators/VIP’s.