Aug 09 2017

Serverroom upgrades

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow we will begin a big server-room upgrade to move over to a much more efficient system using virtual machines.
This will affect almost every server we have but we do not think there will be any noticeable downtime during the day. We will start moving all the gameservers at 00.00 so there will some downtime there after.

If you notice any problems during this weekend they are most likely be caused by this. We appreciate if you still report them case they are unrelated to the upgrade.

This upgrade is scheduled to be finished late Friday (2017-08-11) evening if everything goes as planned.

Update: The upgrade will take a few days longer than the original plan. The extended upgrade time should not affect the gameservers noticeably.

Best regards,
Surfburken Crew


  1. snarcus

    2017-11-09 is not a friday, it’s a monday 😉 We’re still in the 8 month of the year 😀

    // Snarcus

    1. FreakshoW

      It was written like they would in America. I have changed it to Swedish now.

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