Dec 20 2016

Rust Server wipe schedule changes and experimentations

Hello everyone!

After some monitoring of the Rust server and decisions regarding the future of the server, we have decided to wipe the server early this month and the previous 1-month schedule for the wipe will no longer apply. We currently will not have a set schedule for the wipes and will not have one for a little while.
Though, wipes will not occur in less than 2 weeks or more than 1 month apart each other.

These changes are being made to try and adjust the wipe interval to an optimal degree, and so we will be experimenting with the interval at which they occur, for some time in the coming future.
Next wipe will be at the date this post is published. @20th Dec 2016

We would like to hear your opinions on these changes and I’ve created a poll in which you can vote for the interval you’d like to see on the server:
You can comment on this post if you have any questions.

Thanks for your understanding and contribution.


  1. Profile photo of timmit888

    Does this really have to happen today, unannounced, after I’ve spent 3 days farming materials for a new base to build, thinking that I’d have more than 2 weeks left of the Christmas period to enjoy the fruits of my labour?

    I don’t mind you changing the wipe schedule but at least give a week’s notice or maybe start your experiments after 7th January as originally planned.

    I really hate it when server admins suddenly decide to wipe with no warning…

    1. SkippY

      We apologize for this. We took a quick decision regarding this in order to have a fresh start during the Christmas days.. We apologize for the trouble this decision caused.

      We will update the players in good time ahead next time and we maybe follow Rust automatic wipe system which is the first Thursday of each month as we followed earlier.
      We have also put up a straw poll for our players to vote on how our wipe schedule should work.

      Thank you for your comment.

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