Rust Server rules/information/commands/vip

Domain ip address:
Our Rust game server rules can be found here:

Note: This page is currently incomplete and will be worked upon until its completion…


Donations to the community surpassing €10 or 100 SEK and €20 or 200 SEK are thanked for, and rewarded with permanent in-game statuses such as the VIP and the Master titles respectively, which also come with some extra stuff in-game.

You can find the donation page in the site-menu or on the following link:

The extras included in the respective statuses are listed below.

A cool [VIP] chat tag in front of your name in-game!
Access to the pool of 8 Reserved slots.
Slightly improved kits, mostly convenience differences as well as some cosmetic exclusives.
Server connection Queue bypass.
8 home limit as opposed to the regular 5.
Access to /bgrade

Reduced cooldowns on teleportation:

  • Home teleport countdown from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • TPR teleport countdown from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Home teleport cooldown from 60 seconds to 0 seconds.
  • TPR teleport cooldown from 3½ minutes to 2½ minutes.

This list is not complete and more will be added. Stay tuned!

This list is not currently available, future stuff will be added. Stay tuned!


  • AutoDoors
  • AutoGrades
  • AutoPurge (If inactive for 7 days)
  • BetterChat
  • BetterLoot
  • BypassQueue (For VIP and Admin)
  • Clans
  • InstaCraft
  • QuickSmelt
  • KillFeed
  • DevblogAnnouncer
  • Gathering 6x (stone and metal is 4.5x)
  • Kits
  • NoDecay (Except twigs)
  • NoEscape
  • VisualCupboard
  • Trade
  • Tickets
  • SignArtist
  • SkipNightVote
  • SkipNightVote
  • Reserved Slots
  • RemoverTool
  • QuickSort
  • RankMe
  • PrivateMessages
  • TPR/TPA/Homes
  • InfoPanel
  • Friends
  • FriendlyFire
  • FlippableTurrets
  • FancyDrop
  • CorpseDuration 10 mins (Default 5)

Server commands as:

All arguments inside [ ] are optional!
| stands for ‘or’.
*-Enclosures stands for new argument for the given command, this can be combined with [].


  • /kitSee the kits available to you
  • /pcDisplays the scoreboards
  • /voteSee available websites to vote on for rewards
  • /clanhelp *[member|moderator|owner]*Display clan options
  • /tpr *name*Requests a teleport to targeted name.
  • /tpaAccepts a ‘tpr’ teleport request.
  • /pmUsed to privately message anyone on the server.
  • /rUsed to respond to your latest Private message.
  • /flipturret & /unflipturretUsed to flip and unflip turrets to and from ceilings.
  • /remove *[duration]* in seconds – Used to toggle the remover tool.
  • /ad *[time]* in seconds – Used to enable, disable and adjust the AutoDoor feature.
  • /ignore *player|steamid – ignore a player
  • /unignore *player|steamid – stop ignoring a player


  • /kit vipstarterimproved version of the /kit starter
  • /kit vipclothesSwaggy VIP clothes to pair with the vipstarter kit
  • /bgradeConvenience tool while building to automatically upgrade to desired build grade when placing structures


Bans, Mutes, Kicks

    • /ban *name|steamID|ip *[reason] *[time] in secondsBans player with optional reason and time
    • /unban *name|steamID|ipUnbans player
    • /kick *name|steamID|ip *[reason]kicks player with optional reason
    • /banlist *[startid]shows list of banned players
    • /mute *player|steamid [time]mute a player

Note: [time] should be a formatted time. Ex. 60m for 60 minutes.

  • /unmute *player|steamidunmute a player
  • /muteglobal mute all players
  • /unmuteglobalunmute all players