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About MaxGaming:
Information about our cooperation / partnership: MaxGaming is a online shop for everyone who loves gaming and e-sport. At MaxGaming you will find different gaming products with a very high quality to make every customer pleased. We promote MaxGaming in different ways, through our game servers, on our website and so on. This benefits our community as we then become sponsored so we can make the community and servers better for our players.

swedishhost-195x85About SwedishHost:
Information about our cooperation / partnership:
SwedishHost provides 4 game servers and a TeamSpeak server for our community. Game servers for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

kinguinsmallKinguin SURFBURKEN affiliate:
Information about our cooperation / partnership:
We have a cooperation with Kinguin and our community is part of their affiliate program. If our players use kinguin through our affiliate link, it benefits our community by we have a certain percentage of the amount the player bought the items for. Everyone can also take advantage of our discount code “surfburken“.