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Sep 16 2017

Admin meeting 29/9

We will hold an admin meeting on the 29th of September 19:00 CEST. The meeting will take place on our TeamSpeak (

In the meeting we will talk about the current affairs of Surfburken and answer questions from the admins who are present. If you have anything you want mentioned in the meeting you can contact me.

Please write in the comments below if you are not able to participate.

This only applies for the CS:GO admins. TF2 Admins and CS:S admins are allowed to join but it’s definitely not required.

Best regards,
Surfburken crew

Sep 14 2017

Server relocating


At the moment we are moving machines and game servers around to optimize the performance of each individual game server in the best possible way. More information to come.

Update/Information: 14-15 september

  • Maintenance on all machines / servers is done. We have made a lot of improvements in our server environment which we hope will be noticed.
  • Our server machine Blyburken is now moved to our server environment. This causes port changes, please check game servers tab to see changes. There was also a bug that caused problems on GameTracker, this forced us to make new GameTracker profiles. This means that the rank and statistics are restarted there. (CS:GO #8, #9, #13 and #14).
  • We have placed CS:GO #14, #19 and #20 on our new server machine to get better performance for these. This also means a better workload balance on our remaining machines.
  • We have put down our ARMA 3 KOTH game server because of lack of players. We will continue to host our ARMA 3 escape game server.

In the autumn and winter we will continue to work hard with improvements and optimization and aim to launch even more gaming servers. All suggestions are welcome and we will work hard to fulfill your wishes.

Best regards,

Sep 14 2017



During the morning we will work with a planned maintenance that affects all our machines/game servers.

Status: Maintenance is done.

Best regards,

Sep 12 2017

CS:GO #4 and #15


As you noticed our CS:GO game servers #4 and #15 has been offline all day.
We apologize for this.

This is due to a problem with retrieving the latest CS:GO updates from valve.
We hope this will be resolved asap.

Status: Solved.

Best regards,

Sep 10 2017

About my new CEO Position

Hi there!

I have finally joined SkippY, Hylken and Geffel in the ranks of CEO. I thought it would be nice for all of you to know why and what I’m going to do with my new post.

For starters, I will still work with Enzyoo and Bamse regarding the servers on CS:GO. I will also still be responsible over the TF2.
I’ll take over Skippys duties surrounding our Counter-Strike: Source servers and also some of his work on the VIP systems.

We have also talked about expanding our community to the west, more precisely USA.
I will be the main guy when it comes to this and I hope for the community that it all works out well!

I will also be working a lot on coordination within our community. To make sure that the community works as a whole and that our “team” does not collapse.

I will be keeping track of our systems so that they work correctly. Such as Game server systems, VIP system etc.

Well, that’s about it. At least for now.

The more you know!

Best regards,

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