Mar 06 2018


I hope you’ve seen that we have our new fun FiveM server on GTA V!


Feel free to join and have some fun!

For some of you that dosen’t understand Swedish, we have these jobs atm and how much they earn.

Jobs in FiveM


Feb 24 2018

Admin meeting 3/3

We will hold an admin meeting on the 3rd of March 19:00 CEST (18:00 Swedish time). The meeting will take place on our TeamSpeak (

In the meeting we will talk about the current affairs of Surfburken and answer questions from the admins who are present. If you have anything you want mentioned in the meeting you can contact me.

The meeting will be in swedish as the majority is swedish. There will be a summary of the meeting afterwards in english.

Please write in the comments below if you are not able to participate.

This only applies for the CS:GO admins. TF2 Admins and CS:S admins are allowed to join but it’s definitely not required.

Best regards,
Surfburken crew

Feb 22 2018

CS:GO #2 (USA)


We changed our CS:GO game server #2 from Multi Arena to a SURF RPG DM with map rotation.
We made this change due to lack of interest in previous selection of game mode and hope for better results through this change.

Best regards,

Feb 20 2018

Minigames new styles.

Hello everyone Nigel here!


We have recently added new styles to our minigames server. So hop on and get some new records in these new styles.


Best regards Server Manager crew.

Feb 19 2018

FiveM down for maintenance!

Hello everyone.


Our FiveM server will be going down for maintenance the near 20+ hours.


The server is now up and running, we have added a couple of new things such as trash collectors and missions for police, medic and mafia. Hope everyone will find it fun.


I will update this post when it’s going live again


Best regards Surfburken Crew!

Have a nice day 🙂

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