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Nov 08 2017

Servers down.

Due to a power blackout some servers will be offline until further notice. This post will be updated when the servers are back online.

UPDATE: Servers are now online.

Kind Regards

Nov 06 2017

CS:S Map rotation

Hi there!

We have now decided to remake our Gungame server on CS:S to a map rotation server.
We did this hoping that it will bring more players to our community.

Right now we are using default maps in our map list but this will be updated in the future. The current map list is as follows:

Best Regards,
Surfburken Crew

Nov 04 2017

New timer plugin

We have now started to move on to new timer plugins on our servers, with this we also reset all the results.

The surf server is the first server to receive the new plugins and settings and is now live at #10!
We have also removed some bugged maps but resolved one or two of them instead of removing them.

Will be getting the update soon (probably within the few days)

The MG will be taking a bit longer to complete, the reason is becuase many things needs to work as intended with the new plugins. We will provide more information about this in a short future.

Web Interface
New web interface

Suggestions for new maps or changes of any kind such as in-game ranks on these servers or any bugs of any kind, then please post it on the forums to let us know about it!

For anyone wondering about old results! These will not be removed and therefore being stored at the old page if you still wish to view these!

Surfburken Crew

Nov 03 2017

New CS-Source server!

We’ve changed our old Hoejhus CS:GO Server to a CSS Surf_ski_2 server.
Surf_ski_2 was a popular map back in the days in CSS, so we hope that we could bring that back to life!

Slots: 24
Deathmatch plugin
Store plugin
etc etc.
Make sure you become a VIP today to have a reserved slot!

Nov 03 2017

Rust server wipe!

The Scheduled Rust server wipe has been performed!

Join in for a fresh start and new updates or search for ‘SURFBURKEN’ in the in-game server browser.

You can connect to the server via console by pressing F1 in the menu and typing “connect”.

Normal runtime of 2 weeks and next wipe will be on November 16.

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