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Sep 30 2017

Summary of admin meeting 2017/09/29

Summary of the admin meeting held 2017/09/29.


  • Discussion about the time limit.
    The admins who have reached over 80 hours think there are no problems with the time required. But those who haven not yet reached the time limit think it is too much. The time limit is flexible for those who work a lot or for those who have a proper reason for not being able to play that much. Playing another game is no reason to lower the time. Contact an AR if you want to discuss your specific time needed to stay on as an admin.
  • Awards to admins.
    Admins would appreciate it if there was any kind of award for the admins who make it through the cleanups. Things from Surfburken’s shop were the most desired award of the things discussed as possible awards.
  • We are very grateful for the admins who helps with servers, maps, rules etc. We don’t force any admins to help with these kind of things but are very grateful to get extra help. Most recently we give a special thanks to Lithlet, Fuzziz and Jough for helping us a lot with the launch of our HnS server.
  • We give a special thanks to Kryptox for making a very good and appreciated TTT map for us and his promise to keep updating it. We also thank Sioux who has made a new arena map which will be added to our mappool soon.
  • There is a difference between being a racist and trying to be “cool”. Most people use racist words as a curse word and not as spreading racist propaganda. The punishment for those who use is at a curse is a warning. If they continue they should get a mute/gag, not instantly a permanent ban. However, those who spread racist propaganda should be permanently banned.
  • As long as the pictures can be for example advertisement for H&M it should not be any discussions on the server. It’s allowed to have pictures that shows a body as long as it doesn’t show genitals. The punishment for this is a warning and if they don’t listen should they get kicked before they get a ban.
  • We also had a discussion about having a racist image or a link in the picture, both of which are not allowed.
  • It is not correct to ban a player for “Ignoring admin” if you have a discussion with a player and the player disagrees you. A discussion and disagreeing with and admin is ok as long as it does not turn into spam. If there is a problem it should be taken on TS or with us ARs. If they don’t want to discuss outside the server and the player continue the discussion on the server after being warned they should get a short mute/gag. It’s important as an admin to acknowledge that you may be wrong sometimes and that the player might be right. A 1 day ban with the reason “Ignoring admin”, when all the player has done is disagree with an admin in a discussion, will be seen as admin abuse. A ban for “Ignoring admin” should in most cases be a shorter ban, 1 minute to 1 hour.
  • We recommend admins to give us suggestions for player who would do a great job administrating. We always need more admins and who better than a current admin would know what is needed for a player to be a good one.
  • As an admin you can also tell the player you think would do a great job that they should make an admin application. If you do recommend someone to make an application make sure to remind them to that it is important to make good application, not even the best potential admin will be accepted if the application is poorly made.
  • Admin calls
    We appreciate admins who take calls, an extra plus to the admins who took a lot of calls: Ethical, Englundz and Xtreme. Those who haven’t taken that many calls should try to take more so that everyone helps and a few people are not left to do all the work.
  • Admin responsible behavior
    We Administrator Responsibles are not perfect, we are known to sometimes be very short in our responses or seem to have a bad attitude, it is something we know and we are working on improving our behavior in that area. If you feel forgotten or run over you can talk to another Administrator Responsible or Hylken. However, if all you do is complain on your own there is nothing we can do to improve. This applies to complaints, ideas, questions and suggestions, only together can we make this community a better place.
  • It is not allowed to delay on MG. If a player does not move when the respawn time is over they should get a warning. Without any kind of response the player should get slayed. If it continues they should get a kick. Once again without any response the player should get a shorter ban. We can not allow the whole server to sit and wait just because a single player wants to run the map alone.
  • Different exploits
    Recently many exploits have emerged. It’s not allowed to use these exploits if a glitch is needed to do so. The conclusion to this is a warning if they don’t listen they should get a ban. As long as it is possible to do it without a glitch it is allowed and not a problem. Admins who use the exploit + glitch will lose their admin role and get banned.
  • Hungergames
    The admins joined our new Hungergames server to see how the server reacted when it was more player online. We wanted them to see if they could detect any problems or see if any rules needed to be added. None were found other than that the server did not handle the pressure of being full of players as well as we hoped. We will work on improving the server to make sure it is stable even when full of players.
  • Plugins
    We will soon get new plugins on our timer servers (KZ, Bhop, Surf and MG). When we get the new plugins we are probably going to reset the stats on the affected servers.
  • If any admins have questions about the 80 hours activity or the server groups in the bot they should talk to an Administrator Responsible.
  • If any problems comes up on the servers you should talk to a Server Manager or Administrator Responsible.

Sep 25 2017

Counter-Strike Source

We hope you haven’t missed out our Counter-Strike Source servers!
Dust 2:
Gun Games:
Make sure you have a reserved slot! Become a VIP:

Sep 24 2017

CS:GO #9


We have made a change to our CS:GO game server #9.

This game server is now running Hunger Games mod instead of duels. We will keep our duels game server #13 instead.

We are using this mod for our game server #9:

Server information:
Slots: 24
Tick: 128 tick

Mapcycle: (For now).

Feel free to comment this post any suggestions or ideas regarding this game server.

Happy hunger games!

Best regards,

Sep 22 2017

Rust server wipe!

The Scheduled Rust server wipe has been performed!

Join in for a fresh start and new updates or search for ‘SURFBURKEN’ in the in-game server browser.

You can connect to the server via console by pressing F1 in the menu and typing “connect”.

Normal runtime of 2 weeks and next wipe will be on oktober 5.

Sep 20 2017

Webshop feature


We’ve recently added a feature where you can enter your own custom text on the back of the two color hoodies.

All you have to do is to select the hoodie with “Choose nickname” in the titel. Click on the third picture showing the back.

You can make it on multiple rows using enter and also scale the text to make it bigger/smaller.

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