Aug 11 2017

New Administrator responsible, Gargam3l

Hello, as many already know Alpha and Enzyoo have gone over to the server manager role.

To try and replace them we promoted Stapplin to Administrator Responsible last month. Replacing only one of them was not enough to fill the void they left, which has led us to search for a second Administrator Responsible.

We can finally announce that the second person to fill the gap has been found and it is Gargam3l. He has shown great commitment, exceptional loyalty, and put in loads of hard work for our community, hence why we decided to pick him up.

His roles as of now are Administrator applications and Administrator responsible.
Let’s give a warm welcome to our newest Admin Responsible, Gargam3l!

Best regards,
Surfburken Crew


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  1. Ethical

    Grattis Garga<3

    1. Gargam3l

      Tack Ethical <3

  2. Gargam3l

    Hello, this is your Captain Gargam3l speaking. I would like to thank everyone who I ever came in touch with within the Surfburken community. It feels great to give back to the community that has given me so much joy!

    I would like to give a special thank you note to the following:
    * Freakshow
    * Hylken
    * Stapplinovic
    * Alpha

    Freakshow and Hylken, I would like to direct special thanks for the reason of believing in me for this position and I promise you that I will not let you down.

    Stapplinovic for being the one guy that I’ve spent time with since I arrived, like a twin soul. We are basically identical in personality e.t.c.

    Last but not least, Alpha. The admin that thought me and raised me up to the admin I am today.

    That being said, I look forward to helping and assisting the community in any way, shape or form.
    If /ANYONE/ has any questions or concerns I will be of assistance at any time. Do not be afraid to ask me anything.

    1. BARKEN

      Grattis Gargam3l <3

      1. Gargam3l

        Tack bror <3

    2. Myggan

      Lite sent kanske :/ Men grattis!

  3. Profile photo of Fuzziz

    Grattis Gargam3l

    1. Gargam3l

      Tack Fuzziz <3

  4. StappLin

    Congratulations my brother!! I welcome you to the top of the community and im proud to have you with me!!
    You are one of the best guys i know , so i dont think there’s gonna be any problems for you to fill this role.

    I wish you all luck ! Even if i dont think you’ll need it <3

    Best Regards "Your twin" <3

    1. Gargam3l

      Right back at you brother! We started playing together almost as soon as we first spoke to each other and have been playing with each other since.
      One of the best guys? I am the best guy you’ve ever known, fact.

      Together we don’t need luck to succeed. <3

  5. Profile photo of nixan

    congrats gargan3l 😀

    1. Gargam3l

      Thanks niksan. 🙂

  6. FireStar


    1. FireStar

      Just wrote wrong, right?

  7. SiouX

    Grattis Mr! 😀

    1. Gargam3l

      Tack Mrs.Gargam3l 😉

  8. KryptoX

    Congrats ! 😛 Its better now than never 😉

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