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Minecraft rules and guides








  • Use refined language
  • Zero tolerance for cheating and bug exploiting
  • No flooding or text spamming inside the server
  • No advertisement inside the server
  • No bad/racist player names
  • Respect our admins. Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Use common sense
  • Leave no flying trees or 1×1 towers!
  • If you want to build near others players, ask for permission first.
  • Don’t ask for items/ranks
  • Enabling pvp will make you vulnerable to other players. Players are allowed to take your dropped gear/items if you have pvp enabled. Enable at your own risk!
  • Keep the map beautiful, don’t place random blocks everywhere
  • Griefing/stealing are not allowed!




  • Ingame VIP prefix and color
  • Slots reservation
  • Receive claims blocks faster and higher max amount of claim blocks.
  • Recieve credits twice as fast as members
  • /Hat command. Will use whatever block you have in your hand as a hat
  • /Me command. Allows you to emote


Terms and conditions for donations

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Essentials               Sign tutorial


Griefprevention       Video tutorial How to claim blocks


Simple Trading




  • /Seen [player],
  • /rules, This will show you the rules in chat
  • /msg [player] (message), Send a private message to that player
  • /motd, This will show you the message of the day
  • /list, This wil show you who’s online
  • /ignore [player], That person can’t message you and you wont see his/hers messages in chat anymore
  • /helpop (message), Chat directly to the admins online, only use this when you need help.
  • /ping, will respond with pong, check if the server is working properly
  • /spawn, Teleports you to spawn
  • /tpa [player], Sends a teleport request to that player
  • /tpaccept, Accepts a teleport request
  • /tpdeny, Denies a teleport request
  • /sethome Minecraft, this will make a home teleport at that location
  • /delhome Minecraft, Deletes your home
  • /home Minecraft, Teleports you to your home
  • /balance, checks your account balance
  • /balancetop, will show the 10 riches players on the server
  • /pay [player] (amount), Pays credits to that player
  • /sell [block/item], sells that block/item to the server
  • /getpos, puts your x, y and z position in chat (only you can see)
  • /mail <read/clear/send> [player] (message), You can either read, clear and send emails with this command
  • /worth, Will show how much something you have in your hand is worth


  • /mcmmo, Shows a brief mod description and the available commands
  • /mcstats, Shows your mcMMO stats and xp
  • /party create [player] (password), Creates a party
  • /party join [player] (password), Join a players party
  • /party invite [player], Invite a player to join your party
  • /party [password] (password), Sets a password for the party you currently own
  • /party kick [player], Kick a player from the party
  • /party owner [player], Set a player as the party owner
  • /party expshare [none/equal], Set the party share mode
  • /party lock, Lock the party
  • /party unlock, Unlock the party
  • /party q, Quit the party you’re currently in
  • /party ?, More information about parties
  • /pc (message), Send a message to your party


  • /abandonClaim, Deletes the claim you’re standing in
  • /trust [player], Gives another player permission to edit in your claim
  • /untrust [player], Revokes any permission granted to a player in your claim
  • /accesstrust [player], Gives a player permission to use buttons, levers and beds
  • /containertrust [player], Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals
  • /untrust all, Removes all permissions for all players in your claim.


  • /pvp, Enable/disable pvp. NOTE enabling this will make you vulnerable to others players. If you get killed while having pvp enabled, players are allowed to take your dropped gear/items.


  • /trade [player], Sends a trade request to a player
  • /trade accept, Accept a trade request
  • /trade decline, Declines a trade request


  • /Plot help, This will bring up a list of available commands.

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Terms of service/Terms and conditions:


When you donate to the SURFBURKEN community, you agree to all terms and conditions.


All donations are made at your own will, the donations are used only for expenses and purchases that need to be done to develop our community. We will not refund any donations!


You will get some benefits as a thank you for donating to us.


You must always follow the same rules as other players when you have donated,
you get no advantage in terms of rules when you donate.

You will still be banned if you break a rule, the donation will not be refunded as it is a donation.


You can also be turned off from VIP if a mod / admin finds it necessary even if you have not violated a “written rule”.
However, your unban-application become more of a ‘priority’ than if you had not donated
because we want you to play on our servers.


Are you under 18 years old?
Then you must have parental permission if you want to donate.
As a person under 18 years old, you may not operate a paypal account so you must either use a credit card or borrow a PayPal account.
If you borrow a PayPal account or a bank account, you must have the permission of the account owner or parent.


Have you turned 18 years old, you do not have to worry about parental permission, however, you must accept the terms of use.


Please read all information concerning what it means to be a VIP before you donate to us.
All this information is available on our website under the VIP tab.


If you do not accept the Terms, you may not carry a donation to us.


Need help or have questions? Please email our support at