GMod rules

– Rule #1: Use refined language.

– Rule #2: English or Swedish only. Any other languages do not belong in the text chat nor in voice chat.

– Rule #3: Zero-Tolerance Policy against racism, sexism, offensive content, threats of violence, harassment, impersonating an admin and cheating.

– Rule #4: No politic, drug-related, religious comments or names will be tolerated inside the server.

– Rule #5: No advertisement inside the server. Links are not allowed, besides those related to SURFBURKEN and its sponsors. Youtube links are fine if they follow rule #3.

– Rule #6: No flooding or spamming the voice or text chat.

– Rule #7: No bad player names, nick-names, racist names, inappropriate avatars or sprays will be tolerated inside the server.

– Rule #8: No ghosting.

– Rule #9: Cheating, scripting or exploiting will result in a permanent ban.

– Rule #10: Common sense applies to all situations. Starting arguments or drama will result in prompt removal from the server.

– Rule #11: Blocking doors, stairs or corridors with props is not allowed.