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    Your Details:

    Okay, yesterday on your FiveM server there was some issue. Pandaz the owner worked as a security guard. He took my friend because he could not be behave himself, because of that pandaz drove him to their Headquarters because they were going to talk. They did and what pandaz said was that they had to wait for a police to join, so they would have to stay there all that time for something smal. I got a bit frustrated and i wanted to help my friend. I went over there and tried to talk to him i couldnt hear him but my friend said that pandaz called me some thing that wasnt so pleasant, and it made me a bit more angry therefore i took my car and drove in to his car, yes that is against the rules but i didnt affect anyone just the car, pandaz for some reason directly banned me without a warning.

    Ban Type: VDM on a security car owned by pandaz

    GAME ID & Name: My name is Strandberg My game id is 2142 and my steam is following

    Reason why you should be unbanned:

    Okay i understand what i did was wrong yes, and it was a immature act from my side. i know it was against the rules but in that moment i got frustrated and didnt think straight. And i am truly sorry for what i did i really am. I have never broken any rule on that server or on Kumla that was before, i havent even got a warning before but yesterday i got a ban for waht i did, it was a really inmature act and im sorry please i beg you give me a another chance please i will never do such a immature act again please. I know that what i did is not tolerated, so i know my misstake i did and im sorry from it, i have played so much on that server and i dont want to quit it either so please consider my appeal and please give me just one more chance to prove myself i have read your rules so many times and i know all of them.

    Okay so why i think i should be unbanned is because i have never broken one of your rules and i have been a very active player. I got i ban directly and i didnt get a warning. i will never act that immature again and i will never break your rules i know the consequences but please just give me one chance. This server means alot to me and me and all my friends likes to play here, now when i am banned they lost the spirit to continue playing on the server and it feels like its my fault. This is by far the best server on FiveM and i really want to continue so please reconsider your ban please.


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    • This topic was modified 4 weeks ago by  strandberg.

    Nigel Thornberry
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    Hello strandberg


    I have decided that you will get unbanned since you acknowledged that what you did was wrong, but with that said any other violations will result in a permanent ban.


    Best regards Nigel.

    My tasks: Game server manager, Game server maps, Game server systems, FiveM Whitelist.Jobb applications.
    If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact me on steam or teamspeak.

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