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    – First name: William

    – Age: 16

    – Full GAME ID: 2276

    – Steam Profile:

    – Nickname you use: Shajnish


    *1. What game and server do you wish to apply for?: Surfburken FiveM Server


    *2. Why do you want to be an administrator for SURFBURKEN, what do you think you can improve and what difference could you make for the community?: I think that I can bring great stuff for surfburken, I can help staff with the server if there is any problem etc. I also have experience about FiveM server management, I have had 2 servers myself


    *3. Have you worked with servers before and if so, for how long?: I started working with servers 3 years ago. I have also been admin on several servers with Olsson before, he knows what I can go for <3


    *4. Do you know how the Sourcemod menu works and it’s functions? (If you don’t know we will explain the basics and show you): Yes I do, I’ve had servers before.


    *5. Do you think you are suitable as an administrator and, if so, why?: Yes I do, I think that I am a supportive admin and fair. I can handle situations that other cant.


    *6. How much would you play every week, will you be active and play inside our servers watching over them regularly?: Absolutely, I will probably play 10h -> 15h a week, It depends on if I have long school days or not.


    (Describe in details) What would you do if you saw:


    *8a) Two players arguing in the server and it doesn’t look like they are going stop soon: I would warn them both to stop, if they aren’t stopping in som time I will punish them.


    *8b) The player named FizKy is harassing you (You’re the ADMIN): I would give him a last chance to play on the server, if he continues to harass me I will punish him


    *8c) A player is cheating on the server. (Wallhack, Aimbot etc): Proof of him cheating, then I would ban him.


    *9. In what country and city do you live in? I live in Uddevalla, Sweden.


    *10) Tell us a little about yourself: I am a guy that lives in cold Uddevalla, Sweden. I love to work on servers such as CSGO & FiveM. I Usually speak with my friends in discord or I am with my friends irl.


    *11. Do you have anything else to add for your application, anything else you would like to mention or say?: Not really.


    *12. Do you understand all of the information provided and the rules before submitting this application? (Only a YES or NO statement). Yes

    *13. Will you be active on the forum?: Yes I most definitely will!

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    You haven’t added your age to your application. Please add it 🙂


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    Fixed 🙂

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