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    name at the time: Good things last


    • Admin: Cyroze
    • 2/17/18

    First off I wanna say that some of those “toxic” comments were towards friends,but some werent as well
    Second off all I wanna say that I’ve never used any racist remarks or anything in that direction, so I feel that a 1 month ban is too long of a ban. I’m just asking that the ban is shorter than what it is now.

    Also I didnt get a chance to defend my self In my earlier post when aI asked what the ban was for, as the ban said “You are banned. Complain at” and you closed my forum thread right after

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    It doesnt matter if you say it to your friends or not. It’s our rules that applys on the server and you broke them repeatedly with foul language.
    I have taken the decision to let the ban stand on one month as it was orginaly set at.

    This is my final sayin in this matter.

    The thread is now closed.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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