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    Hey whoever reads this.

    I’m from Denmark, and really enjoy your servers, especially your 1v1 CS:GO servers.

    So it was really a downer for me when i logged onto your Arena #3 server, I think, and was asked to leave just because I was Danish. It happened around midnight, local time on 20/08/2017. To give some context, I logged in, didn’t say anything nor wrote anything. He just said I should leave, because of my nationality.

    His ingame name was RYZ and link to his profile is here

    I sincerely hope that something is done since it’s against your rules to express racism on your servers.

    A fan of your servers



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    I am sorry you feel mistreated on our servers, it is not something that we allow. However, what he did, although not allowed, is not enough to warrant a ban after the fact. Should you see him (or anyone else for that matter) behave in a similar way in the future please contact an admin immediately so that they can come in and sort the situation out.

    The fastest way to contact an admin is to write “!calladmin #reason”, if you do that an admin should come online shortly.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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