I got a perm-ban from Snus Master out of nowhere.

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    My first warning was perm-ban.

    Let me explain.

    I was playing on SB’s TTT server. Someone says the following: “Is there an admin online?”

    Then I answer to him in voicechat:”Yes, I am. haha, no I am not, I wish I were though.”

    Directly after that Snus Master tells me in voicechat: “You can’t say that you’re admin, I will ban you.”

    Then I just tell him I said I was joking and I was sorry for the bad joke.

    10 minutes later. Me and my friend OlleS (who also is admin) are the two last survivers on the server. OlleS gets a lucky, one tap, headshot on me from nowhere. Then I say this in voicechat:”Sluta aimbota Olle du kommer fan bli bannad!”

    5 seconds later i get permanently banned from all SB servers by Snus Master. He banned me because I was telling people I was admin. But telling someone that they will get banned if they have Aimbot is not saying that you’re admin. I understand if I would’ve been kicked if I would’ve said: “I will ban you if you have aimbot”. Because then I am telling him that I will ban him, because I am admin. I didn’t say that though.

    So maybe it was just a misunderstanding from Snus Masters side. OlleS tries to talk to him and tells him that I had no intention to act like an admin at that moment. I just said a phrase that I usually say when I get one taped like that.

    But Snus Master didn’t listen. He just said that it is against the rules to impersonate an admin. Very childish of an admin to act like that, not being able to discuss whether he did right or wrong.

    And like I said. I didn’t say that I will ban him. So Snus Master have no reason to PERMANENT ban me.


    I hope that everyone understands my point of view now. And that I will hopefully be able to play on SB’s servers again soon. I am usually online on the servers once a day, so this have really made a huge impact on my gaming routine. I just hope that the right person sees this and can talk with this guy Snus Master. Really bad move from him, and even worse, not being able to discuss it…





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    I will remove your ban and give you another chance.

    It’s against the rules to say what you did. So if it happens again it will end with a ban.


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    you said you where admin and then i said you cant say that. and then you said it again. and you didnt say Sluta aimbota Olle du kommer fan bli bannad!” you said stop using aimbot or i am going to ban you then i banned you.

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