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    – First name: Vincent
    – Age(15+): 14
    – STEAM_0:1:98816603 &
    – Nickname: GetDirty_

    *1. What game and server do you wish to apply for?

    • TF2 SURF 10x

    *2. Why do you want to be an administrator for SURFBURKEN, what do you think you can improve and what difference could you make for the community?

    I could watch for hackers or someone who breaks the rules.

    *3. Have you worked with servers before and if so, for how long?

    I was an Administrator on a very small Mincraft server.

    *4. Do you have any experience of Sourcemod / Sourcebans or server commands overall from before? (If you don’t have any, we will learn you the basics of understanding Sourcemod/Sourcebans).


    *5. Do you know how the Sourcemod menu works and it’s functions? (If you don’t know we will explain the basics and show you).


    *6. Do you think you are suitable as an administrator and, if so, why?

    I dont know I have to try.

    *7. How much would you play every week, will you be active and play inside our servers watching over them regularly?

    I would play 48h per week.

    *8. (Describe in details) What would you do if you saw:

    *8a) Two players arguing in the server, doesn’t look like they’re gonna stop soon.

    Ask what the problem is and try to help them.

    *8b) The player named FizKy is harassing you (You’re the ADMIN)

    I would say that he should stop harassing anybody on this server.

    *8c) A player is cheating in the server. (Wallhack, Aimbot etc)

    I would ban him for 30 days. And the second time he is cheating i would permanent ban him from this  server.

    *9. In what country do you live and which city? (Only mention the city).

    I live in Germany nad my city is Hamburg.

    *9a) How many hours do you consider you have played on the server that you are applying for?

    Maby 40

    *9b) Tell us a little about yourself:

    I’m 14 years old and I’m playnig alot of tf2. And also I’m doing alot of spot.

    *10. Do you have anything else to add for your application, anything else you would like to mention or say?

    I really like the server and I found it as i was serching for :surf_10x_reload

    *11. Do you understand all of the information provided and the rules before submitting this application? (Only a YES or NO statement).


    *12. Will you be active on the forum?



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    Your application is very careless, in order for us to even consider you for a spot as a SurfBurken administrator, the least you’ll have to do is to put some time and effort into your application.

    We also have a zero tolerance for cheating on our servers, the right answer to question 8c) is to gather enough convicting evidence and permanently ban the player.

    I would strongly advice you to look over your application and look for improvements, good luck!

    //inSAIN, Senior Admin/JB Responsible


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    Hello, I have read your application and I will deny your application based on the following reasons.

    – You do not have any previous experience as an admin wich is needed right now since we have alot of traffic on our servers.
    – You don’t have the required 24H of playtime on the server you’re applying for.

    You’re welcome to apply again in three months, meaning 2017-06-15

    OBS! An application before the set date will be deleted without being read.

    Status: Denied

    Former CEO

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