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    – First name:
    – Age(15+):
    – Full STEAM ID:

    – Steam Profile:

    – Nickname you use:

    *1. What game and server do you wish to apply for?
    CSGO – TTT server

    *2. Why do you want to be an administrator for SURFBURKEN, what do you think you can improve and what difference could you make for the community?
    I want to be admin, because I would keep the order in thee server and I would help other admins in complicated situations. There some periods of the time when there no any admin online (All the time after school  🙂 )

    *3. Have you worked with servers before and if so, for how long?
    Before when I started to play Surfburken I use to play in Lithuanian (My home country) TTT server and there I was admin like 2 months before it died (Died because of disagreements with server plugin writter and CEO).

    *4. Do you have any experience of Sourcemod / Sourcebans or server commands overall from before? (If you don’t have any, we will learn you the basics of understanding Sourcemod/Sourcebans).
    No, because in that server used to be modified commands into our language.

    *5. Do you know how the Sourcemod menu works and it’s functions? (If you don’t know we will explain the basics and show you).
    I would be introduced of it. (I’m only using sourcemods which are allowed on normal player)

    *6. Do you think you are suitable as an administrator and, if so, why?
    Yes, because I communicate with other people in the server, most of the time I’m not salty (I get mad when I get RDM’ed) annd I think that in the TTT Server should managed more by the admins.

    *7. How much would you play every week, will you be active and play inside our servers watching over them regularly?
    It would be 5 days out of 7 days. It really depends of my school. In the server I spend 1 to 4 hours in a day. I don’t really play other games (GTA Online sometimes, but not ofteen because it’s full of modders and u need to grind all the time), but then I play CSGO I play competitive (mainly thursday for drop) and all other time I spend on TTT server.

    (Describe in details) What would you do if you saw:

    *8a) Two players arguing in the server, doesn’t look like they’re gonna stop soon.
    Ask that is the problem and try solving it friendly.

    *8b) The player named FizKy is harassing you (You’re the ADMIN)
    I would warn him him about his harassment because it’s not allowed to bully other people, not because I’m admin.

    *8c) A player is cheating in the server. (Wallhack, Aimbot etc)
    Start demo recording to have visual proof and give him a warning to turn it off. If he won’t do that I would ban him.

    *9. In what country do you live and which city? (Only mention the city).
    Lithuania, Vilnius (It’s only across the Baltic Sea  😉 )

    *10. How many hours do you consider you have played on the server that you are applying for?
    I can not say exact hours count but it could be 200 hours or more (CSGO hours – 1,440 hrs on record)

    *11a) Tell us a little about yourself:
    I really enjoy playinng CS, but my main passion is cars (My dream car is e46 with 2JZ, widebody and af course sunroof, because I think it makes ton of difference on looks)

    *11b) Do you have any other skills or interests that might be useful to SURFBURKEN such as server management, Photoshopping etc.?
    I use little bit of Photoshop for my personal photos or just little cropping. I also made little frag movie in the summer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUEQcqUMTXY/
    (Now I’m trying to fix mic audio on ShadowPlay and I want to make highlights in the TTT server)
    I don’t really have enough footage to make a proper fragmovie.

    *12. Do you have anything else to add for your application, anything else you would like to mention or say?
    The admin Chips, KryptoX, Englundz and Tuva is very nice  🙂

    *13. Do you understand all of the information provided and the rules before submitting this application? (Only a YES or NO statement).

    *14. Will you be active on the forum?
    If I will have to – yes. I probably respond my messages all the time.


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    Hello ZeVent,

    I will give you +rep becuase of these following reasons:
    +knows the rules very well
    +always helpful and kind

    I will give you -rep becuase of this following reason:
    -your grammar isn´t perfect, but I have heard you talk in game so I know that you can the english language very well

    Overall I will give you a +rep becuase you are helpfull and friendy, also you don´t have any gags or mutes (what I can se) and very few bans.


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    Thanks Tuva,
    I know that my gramma is nnot the best one, specially then I panic.


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    -Knows Rules


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    nice to every one

    knows the rules


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    Hello Ugnius, i have read your application and i will accept your application based on grounded reasons.

    -You have a lot of recommendations from other admins, wich is good.
    -You have a much active time on the servers as well.
    -You also seem to know the rules very well and being mature and a lot of confirmation from other admins.

    Anyway, i want you to contact me on steam; http://steamcommunity.com/id/SteelShield/
    So we can either talk via steam or on TeamSpeak.

    Also i want you to read these two links:
    Sourcebans/Sourcemod http://surfburken.se/?topic=admin-guide-sourcemod-sourcebans
    How to record a player http://surfburken.se/?topic=admin-guide-how-to-record-a-player

    Status: Accepted to Trial Admin.

    Head Admin / Admin Application Responsible
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/SteelShield/
    Contact Email: SteelShield@surfburken.se

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