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    – First name: Linus
    – Age(15+): I’m 13 years old, but that dosen’t matter right? please.
    – Full STEAM ID: (Example: STEAM_0:1:30974481)
    – Steam Profile: (Example:
    – Nickname you use : on what? steam or surfburken? Steam: Hackers Don’t Have A Life

    *1. What game and server do you wish to apply for? Counter-Strike Global:Offensive, #12 B-hop Timer

    *2. Why do you want to be an administrator for SURFBURKEN, what do you think you can improve and what difference could you make for the community? I want to be an administrator because i want to make the server more like it should be, not with people talking danish and stuff, i want to be able to mute them for an example, i want to make the server better just like i said.

    *3. Have you worked with servers before and if so, for how long? No, i haven’t.

    *4. Do you have any experience of Sourcemod / Sourcebans or server commands overall from before? (If you don’t have any we will teach you the basics of Sourcemod/Sourcebans). No i haven’t, please teach me.

    *5. Do you know how the Sourcemod menu works and it’s functions? (If you don’t know we will explain the basics and show you). No, please show me.

    *6. Do you think you are suitable as an administrator and, if so, why? Yes i think i am, because i could easily tell people to syop or don’t even bother to mute them for an example.

    *7. How much would you play every week, will you be active and play inside our servers watching over them regularly? I would play a couple of hours a day i think.

    (Describe in details) What would you do if you saw:

    *8a) Two players arguing in the server and it doesn’t look like they are going stop soon. Tell them to stop otherwise i would mute them and kick them both.

    *8b) The player named FizKy is harassing you (You’re the ADMIN) Tell him to stop or he is getting muted and banned.

    *8c) A player is cheating on the server. (Wallhack, Aimbot etc) I would ban him. Right away.

    *9. In what country and city do you live in? I live in Sweden, Ulricehamn.

    *10. How many hours have you played on the server that you are applying for? I don’t know exaclty how much hours.

    *11a) Tell us a little about yourself: My full name is Linus Antonsson, i like to hang out with friends, play csgo, Gta v, battlefield and some more stuff. I like to play football and many other sports. I have a mom, a dad, a big brother and three sisters, one little sister and two bigger sisters.

    *11b) Do you have any other skills or interests that might be useful to SURFBURKEN such as server management, Photoshopping etc.? I don’t know. 

    *12. Do you have anything else to add for your application, anything else you would like to mention or say? I would be a great administrator, i think.

    *13. Do you understand all of the information provided and the rules before submitting this application? (Only a YES or NO statement). Yes.

    *14. Will you be active on the forum? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. but much, i think..

    Please let me be an administrator, thank you…


    Server Admin
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    Hello Linus,

    I will give you -rep becuase of this following reasons:
    -You do not have the requierd playtime to be admin on that server. You need 48 hours to apply for admin.
    -As of right now I don´t think you are mature enough to be admin on our servers.
    -You do not seem to behave well from what I can see in your chat logs.

    Overall I don´t think that you are mature enough to be admin on our servers. I will therefore give you -rep.

    Good luck, Tuva.


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    • Doesn’t have the necessary time
    • does not behave well on the servers

    Server Manager
    Message me on steam or send an email if you need help or have found a bug.


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    Hello Linus, i have read your application and i will deny your application based on grounded reasons.

    – You’ve written a relatively short, boring and messy application.
    – You do not have experience with administrating which is important right now because we have alot of trafic.
    – You haven’t answered good at question 8a,b or c.
    – Your answer on 8c clearly shows that you have not read the rules, If someone is cheating you should get proof and then ban him/her permanent.
    -You’re below our required age to apply for admin.
    -You don’t have the 48 hours required to make an application.
    -You don’t have a good chatt history.
    -As the other admins say, they don’t believe you’re fit for admin.

    You’re welcome to apply again when you’re 15 atleast.

    OBS! An application before the set date will be deleted without being read.

    Status: Denied

    Head Admin / Admin Application Responsible
    Contact Email:

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