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    1. I wish to apply for both of the RPG servers – Hoejhus server and Surf_Ski_2_Go server.
    2. I want to become an administrator because i’ve  been playing on your server for some months now, and i find it really fun to be playing with the community of people that are playing there aswell. Also I want to maintain the quality of the server by being as much avaliable as I can be, in case of anyone has a problem, need help etc.I believe I can improve the servers by giving new and old players the best experience as possible, and also to show that there is always an admin avaliable if you need anything. I also believe I will be able to improve the response time of People calling for admins, as if you chose me there will be one extra and I am almost always on my computer.
    3. Have I worked with servers before, Depends on what you mean by that –
      If you are thinking about buillding servers, I have not / very little.
      I’ve been admin on alot of different rpg servers a couple of years ago, on CS:Source mostly and a few on CS:GO, so the admin job is something i’ve been doing before.
    4. I do have experience from sourcemods / sourcebans and server commands, it’s been quite a while but i still know most of them, but will be open for going through them again, i might be a little rusty at the beginning.
    5. I do know how some of them works and it’s function, but again, I will be open for going through this again, so I wont be able to make any mistakes.
    6. I think I’m suitable as an administrator. I am very active and I like to communicate with players, and also I think everyone deserves justice and to be treated right. I woud like this position aswell because I am very active on your servers and also on the computer in general.
    7. How much I will be able to play every week will depend on how much I work. But normally there will be 1 – 5 hours on a regular day and in the weekend there will be 3 – 7 hours  – also depends on if I got any plans. But I will be as active as possible and I would not be sending a Application if I did not feel I was active enough.
    8. a) I would tell them to calm down and if they do not stop, I would give them a warning for a mute (not a permanent mute, but a normal mute for some minutes), just to show them they need to calm down. If they wouldnt listened, I would use my right to kick them both and tell them to come back when they are finished arguing.B) I would tell FizKy to stop immediately, and if not give him a mute. If he’d still continute I would have kicked him, and if he came back and continued I would have used my right to ban him, not a permanent ban, and then I would have asked another admin if the ban should be more strict.

      C) I would have given him a ban instantly, Without any kind of warning. We do not want any cheaters on our servers.

    9. I live in Norway, Bergen.
    10. I believe i’ve been playing for atleast 60 – 70 hours. I played alot on your servers through my brother’s account, aswell as my own account.
    11. I’ve been playing around in Photoshop, but havent feel like I made anything productive, so i dont think I would be able to do anything there. But server management seems interesting.
    12. I just want to tell a little more about my self.
      My name is Sebastian, 20 years old from Norway.
      I prefer to Write and mostly talk in English, just for the cause everyone will understand, and there wont be any misunderstandings.
      I understand Danish and Swedish perfectly.
    13. Yes.
    14. I will be active on forum.
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    I just saw that i forgot the personal and steam information.


    20 years old.






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    Hello Sebastian, I have read your application and I will deny it based on following reasons:

    – You’ve written a relatively short, boring and a really messy application.
    – Your answer on 8c clearly shows that you have not read the rules, If someone is cheating you should get proof and then ban him/her permanent.
    – Your application dosen’t have the full question formula.

    I hope you will stay in our community and keep playing on our servers.

    You’re welcome to apply again in three months, meaning 2018-06-14

    OBS! An application before the set date will be deleted without being read.

    Status: Denied

    Head Admin / Admin Application Responsible
    Contact Email:

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