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    -14 (15 in a couple of days)



    -I use the nickname “Al”

    1. The Surf Timer Server #10
    2.  I am a usually active person the surf server and i think that i will help with all the issues there
    3. Never, this is my first time 🙂
    4. I know what sourcebans and all of that is but i dont know the commands
    5. No idea what the Sourcemod menu is
    6. I think i am suitable because i am fair, solves problems and does not get offended easily, but listens to peoples complaints.
    7. I am there like 5 times a week and yeah very active really
    8. a) I would go in and listen to them and ask what is the problem and if it gets offensive ill give them a warning… b) Ill ask him to stop and ask why he is doing it, if he continues ill kick him as a warning and if he comes back ill either contact some others or ban him in a short period like 3 hours or something… c) Ill ask him why hes cheating and then kick or ban him
    9. Atleast over 24 hours or more
    10. I live in Norway, Ulsteinvik
    11. a) I am an enthusiactic norwegian teenager eager to become a part of something i really enjoy, i play the drums and have a girlfriend, which we have been togheter about 6 months now. I like to hang out with my friends in town and really enjoy gaming… b) I am very interrested in server management and commands/techonology and what we can do with the server.
    12. Nope, dont think so 🙂
    13. Yes
    14. Now i will 🙂

    -Andreas/Al 🙂


    Hype :’D
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    Hello, I am just going to give you a couple of tips to make your application better.

    Put the questions along with your answers, it makes it easier for the admin responsible that is evaluating it  to read.

    Put some more time into each question, you need to really think about each answer.

    If you want to make the best application a tip is to look at some applications that have been accepted and see what is in there and if you are missing something or could do something better, not take the whole text but just look what’s in there.


    Good luck //Hype :’D

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    Hello, i have read your application and i will deny your application based on grounded reasons.

    – You have not used the application form.
    – You’ve written a relatively short, boring and messy application.
    – You do not have experience with administrating wich is important right now because we have alot of trafic.
    – Your answer on 8c clearly shows that you have not read the rules, If someone is cheating you should get proof and then ban him/her permanent.
    – You haven’t answered good at question 8a,b or c.

    You’re welcome to apply again in three months, meaning 2018-04-08

    OBS! An application before the set date will be deleted without being read.

    Status: Denied

    Head Admin / Admin Application Responsible
    Contact Email:

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