FiveM Rules & Laws

Basic Rules

-Cheating is strictly prohibited and will be met with a permanent ban without warning.
-Respect all players
-Racism and harrassment will not be tolerated! Swearing is fine.
-Do not abuse of bugs or exploits
-Do not advertise on the server. Twitch, Youtube is fine.
-Multi-account playing is not allowed.
-English and Swedish are the only languages permitted in the global chat. Failure to abide this rule may grant you a temporary mute.
-VDM = Vehicle deathmatch is forbidden.

RP Rules

1. Communicating information as your character does not know to other players.
Or to share information in any way other than in-game and over comradio is considered as meta gaming and it is not allowed.

2. Using your character for the purpose of making money, weapons and influence is not permitted.
You should always strive to develop your character as a person, and not just gather on you

3. You may not leave the server during an ongoing RP scenario (Combat logging)

4. It is strictly forbidden to steal SOS Vehicles. For example, police cars.

5. It is not allowed to copbait. For example, stand in front of a police officer and make a crime just to be chased.

6. OOC must not be abused or excessively used to have conversations. It may only be used to communicate with staff / players outside the role-playing game inside the game or to ask an OOC question / answer an OOC question.
Questions concerning RP should be / asked as RP.

7. Make sure everything you do has roleplay involved.
Think to yourself “Could I do this in real life” and if the answer is no, then don’t do it.

So before you jump your car off a 15 story building or break into the army base, think again!

Obvious disregard for our in game laws – traffic, felony, misdemeanour – and clear disregard for our server rules, will lead to a ban.
There is no RP reason to just speed everywhere you go and follow no traffic laws.
don’t FailRP!

8. You need to have a reason to kill someone.
This is common sense among all roleplay servers that exist.
Only kill someone for a valid reason, not because they looked at you in a wierd way.
“I’m a criminal. This is what i do” is NOT a valid reason to kill someone.
RDMing is taken very seriously and you will get a ban.

If you don’t have a reason for killing, other than “I felt like it” or “I’m a criminal” then don’t do it this goes for interactions with police as well. Shooting an police officer dead because he was about to give you a $100 ticket for speeding is
not something you do in real life and is counted as RDM!

9. If there are no police online, crimes as kidnapping, robbery, etc, should not be abused.
Some civilians cannot defend themselves or are new to the server and this will give a
negative impression to some players.
Please refrain from violent crimes against other players when there is not a police presence on the server.
Basically, if you know there’s no police on (You’ll typically know, since police will speak up every once in a while) don’t commit crimes to another player or any felonious crimes that need a police
presence to defend against!

10. Cop / EMS Baiting
Do not interrupt an ongoing role-play scenario, especially when it comes to police / paramedics.
You would not follow or purposely get police to come arrest you purely for the sake of your curiosity or a certain role-play you want to experience. You would not purposely injure yourself just to have paramedics come and help you. This also ties in with Value of Life Rule, you must understand that the consequences that come with an attempting to be involved with the police / EMS constantly.

Call police for any scenario where you would not need the police.
Call paramedics for minor injuries, IE: Headaches / stomach aches
Call police or EMS and bait them into a scenario where you or any other characters end up robbing / kidnapping / killing them for the sake of robbing / kidnapping / killing.