FiveM Information




  • F1 (Opens the main menu, the cellphone)
  • U/L (unlock/lock your vehicle)
  • B (Point where you are aiming)
  • N (Speak in-game, you need to configure your settings first)



  • Admin (call admin)
  • Inventory (check your picked up items, food and mission items, etc)
  • Loot (loot people laying on the ground in coma)
  • Emotes (make a few animations with your character, can be used to express your feeling and mood)
  • Player (fix your haircut if it somehow turns green, store your money and show your identity)
  • Police/Mafia/Security (this is the section where handcuffs, drag and fines will exist)
  • Cellphone (this is where you’ll be able to text players via their phone number, send money, recieve money or to call an Uber, etc)
  • Vehicle (you’ll be able to unlock/lock your vehicle, toggle on/off the vehicles engine and to open the tailgate)