Are you interested in having partners?
We are very interested in this, especially when it comes to cooperation which benefits both parties equally. We would like a cooperation where development, community and a helping hand is in focus.

Do you sponsor?
No, unfortunately we don’t.

Does it cost anything to register?
No. It’s free to to make an account, play on our servers and to join the community. More information about donating, click here

How can I contact you?
We have a support email:
You can also go to the forums.

I got banned, help!
Go to the forums and make a post there. click here      Sourcebans appeal

I want to become an administrator, how do I start?
You have to make an application on the forum. Swedish version here, English version here

I want to reset my rank!
Please contact an administrator via forums or directly in game on the server.

We need the nickname you’re using, or your steamid.

There is a cheater in the server, what should I do?
You record the player, save the players steamid. And then you visit the forum reports by clicking here

Which commands are available in game for GameME?
You will find the available commands for regular players by clicking here

In-game music doesn’t work, why?
You need to install flash player. If you are using Chrome then it’s built in and wont work. Install by clicking here

Can i buy in-game !store credits?
No you can not, everyone who donates to become VIP gets store credits. Click here to read more about that.

I did not receive the verification email for my registration, what should I do?
Please give the process in any case 10 minutes before you assume that something is wrong.
Check first of all your spam folder.
If there is no verification email received, please contact us via email with your username and email address and we will verify your user manually.
Also note that the email system blocks certain addresses automatically, we can not do anything about this as it looks now.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question in our FAQ, then you can contact us here