CSS dust2 only

Because Counter-Strike: Source is a teamplay game, we will be strict regarding the rules on this game server.


As Terrorist:
You and your team, shall together take over a bomb site and plant the bomb fastest possible and then try to protect but also make sure that the bomb blows up.

As Counter-Terrorist:
You and your team shall try to prevent that the terrorists take over a bomb site and plant the bomb. If the terrorists succeed with planting the bomb, your mission is to defuse it.

This is the primary mission on the game server and it should be followed.

It is not allowed to goof rounds, fool around or chase kills. The most important thing you should consider is the mission. Camping, griefing or solo careers you could do at other game servers.

– Administrators words are law, you should always listen to them!

– Use common sense

– All sort of advertisement results in permanent ban

– Racism, sex, religion, politics or otherwise stated is strictly prohibited to use as nickname and you are not allowed to fake nick.

-No pornographic or racist profile pictures or sprays will be tolerated inside the server.

– Just English, Swedish, Norweigan or Danish language. If someone doesn’t understand some of these It is advised (preferred) to write in English in that case.

– You are not allowed to ghost.

– You are not allowed to b-hop, long jump or double jump

-Terrorists max 30 sek in T-Spawn (area marked in the picture)
Rotating is allowed. But take notice, do not to stop in spawn and start killing (camping). Try to get around quickly. If CT’s suppress exceptions can be made.

– Keep teams! Only ATB and admins change teams for players. Always go to the team you where in if you go to spectate or rejoin

-You are not allowed the use any of the bugs that may be in the game

Think of:
– Bad language is rewarded with ban

– Do not disturb other players when talking, screaming or streaming music inside the server is strictly prohibited

– Follow and protect the bomb.

– Enjoy the server and have fun

Other information:
– We have voice enable running, it means that you can talk to the players you are playing with. Do not disturb others when they are playing without cooperate by talking to the team.

Spawn area marked with red.



Rate min 25000 or above

cl_cmdrate min 66 or above, MAX 100

cl_updaterate min 66 or above, MAX 101

What does these mean?