May 25 2017

CS:GO server changes

We have now adjusted 2 of our CS:GO game servers due to lack of players.
This concerns server #9 (Pistol) and #13 (Retake).

We will try a new mod called Duels.

Server #9 will be pistols only with map rotation.
Server #13 will be rifles and pistols with map rotation.

We hope you like the changes, please return with feedback.

Best regards,

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    Hi! Steam name: Swinto
    I got Banned on your server by ´guard´when i played innocents vs traiters, what i did was that i killed a innocent when i was innocent myself which leads often to a warning but in this case i got immediately banned and i did not have time to explain myslef. the fun thing is that when the other people who kills innocents often actually dosen´t get banned which i think is wrong. I think the thing he did was wrong and i would like to talk to him.

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