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Nov 22 2017

#13 Changed into Dust 2 DM/FF

We’ve changed #13 Duels into a ONLY Dust_2 map with Deathmatch and free for all. Plugins: -Hive365 (Radio) -Deathmatch (You can enable HS mode etc.) Connect: As always make sure you become a VIP today to have a reserved slot due to they’re most likely full!

Nov 17 2017

Rust server wipe!

The Scheduled Rust server wipe has been performed! Join in for a fresh start and new updates or search for ‘SURFBURKEN’ in the in-game server browser. You can connect to the server via console by pressing F1 in the menu and typing “connect”. Perhaps not normal runtime of 2 weeks so the next …

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Nov 13 2017


Hello! Some services will be offline because of some maintenance. This will occour during Swedish time 13.00-15.00. Maintenance done 14.35. Best regards, SURFBURKEN Crew

Nov 12 2017

CSGO Surf #1 & #7 (RPG, DM)

I hope you’ve seen that we have 2 surf servers in CSGO! #1 Is ONLY Surf_ski_2_GO as a map, when there is PLENTY of other maps on #7. The both servers are connected, so when you level in #1, you level in #7 also (They’re both connected to #17 Hoejhus also) Here are some of the plugins …

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Nov 10 2017

Nigel’s new role.

Hello, Today we have promoted Nigel up from Senior Admin to Server Manager! Welcome to the team! Kind Regards, Server Manager team.

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