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Aug 18 2017

Server updates.

As most of you know, Valve released a new CS:GO update which caused some problems to our servers. We have fixed most of the issues and the servers should be up and running as normal. Hide & Seek still has some issues but we are working on this. Please report any problems or bugs you …

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Aug 11 2017

New Administrator responsible, Gargam3l

Hello, as many already know Alpha and Enzyoo have gone over to the server manager role. To try and replace them we promoted Stapplin to Administrator Responsible last month. Replacing only one of them was not enough to fill the void they left, which has led us to search for a second Administrator Responsible. We …

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Aug 09 2017

Serverroom upgrades

Hello everyone! Tomorrow we will begin a big server-room upgrade to move over to a much more efficient system using virtual machines. This will affect almost every server we have but we do not think there will be any noticeable downtime during the day. We will start moving all the gameservers at 00.00 so there …

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Aug 08 2017

UPDATE: Server problems

Hello everyone. As you know we have had some issues with our servers the past few days. This is due to our webserver giving up on us today. We have fixed a temporary solution to the problem. We have also bought new hard drives to the webserver it should be up and running smoothly this …

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Aug 08 2017

RPG reset

The RPG rank will be restarted today. Below is the top 10 rankings from servers #1, #7, #17 and #18!   # Player Level 1. wildside 5429 2. Dagus   5354 3. ☯ CYBΞX 5330 4. Poschy   4173 5. -@123 3859 6. LimpaN^   3585 7. Big Guns 3477 8. KPX   3441 9. …

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