ARK Server rules – Information – Commands



This server runs Pokemon Allstars you may ask what is that and how does it work, basicly its just like normal ARK but instead of Dinos you will have to catch Pokemons.


You’ll need to learn the engrams for

Pikachu – Charmander – Bulbasaur – Squirtle

Then you’ll need the engram for Poke Shop now you’re able to make the starter pokemons from there, after that you would need engram for pokeballs which are crafted in the Pokeshop or Inventory, now you should be able to catch pokemons keep in mind that pokemons will be easier to catch with lower health and being unconscious.

To be able to get to the Bosses you will need to buy the required resources in the shop

(explained how to use at Commands)



  • Cheating is strictly prohibited and will be met with a permanent ban without warning.
  • Respect all players
  • Racism and harrassment will not be tolerated!
  • Do not abuse of bugs or exploits
  • Do not advertise on the server.
  • English and Swedish are the only languages permitted in the global chat.




  • /points (Shows how many points you’ve got, points are given every 30minutes of gameplay)
  • /shop (Displays a shop with resources that cannot be acquired because dinos are disabled)
  • /buy ‘ID’ ‘Amount’ (ID is displayed in the /shop and the amount is 5x resources                                           ex: /buy TT 1 gives you 5x of TT
  • /help (Gives you information on Commands in-game)
  • /rules (Shows the rules in-game)