CSGO Arena #4, #8 and #19

Arena rules

§1.1 Players must actively fight the opponent. This means that trying to flee until the time runs out is not allowed.

CS:GO Multi-1v1

This server sets up 2+ players in separate 1v1 arenas, when all the arenas are done fighting, the winners move up an arena and the losers move down an arena.


– Round types: there are 3 round types: rifle, pistol, and awp

– Player selection: players can select to allow pistol and awp rounds or ban them, rifle rounds are always allowed

– Player preference: players can also select a preference of round type, if player preferences match they will play that type, type guns to select your choice

– Weapon selection: players can select their primary (i.e. their rifle) and their pistol

– Armor on pistol rounds: helmets are taken away, and kevlar is also taken away if the player selected an upgraded pistol

– Optional flashbangs: players can select to “allow flashbangs” – if both players allow them, they each get 1

– ELO ranking system: Player statistics are stored. (!rank) (!stats) You will lose and win points based on yours and the other players elo.

The following rules applies on all of our servers!


§ 1.1 A player should at all times try to complete the team objective. Teaming up with an enemy, for example, is strictly forbidden.

§ 2.1 Don’t camp within spawn points. You can kill from spawn but extensive camping is not permitted! This does not apply to our HOEJHUS9 server.
§ 2.2 It’s okay to camp for a while, it is not, however, okay to camp for a long time in the same location.

§ 3.1 Use refined language.
§ 3.2 On our servers we only use Swedish and English. Keep the language clean. Servers #2 and #13 Surf RPG and #17 Hoejhus have special rules regarding languages.

§ 4.1 Zero-Tolerance Policy against racism, sexism, offensive content, threats of violence, harassment, impersonating an admin and cheating.
§ 4.2 No politic, drug-related or religious comments or names will be tolerated inside the server.

§ 5.1 No advertisement inside the server. Links are not allowed. The exceptions are anything about Surfburken, Twitch, Youtube, Fragnet and Swedishhost.
§ 5.2 Team tags (clan tags) are not considered advertisement. They are still, however, not allowed to contain links of any kind.

§ 6.1 It’s fine to talk through the microphone on the server, abuse leads to mute, kick and eventually ban.
§ 6.2 No flood or text spamming inside the server.

§ 7.1 No bad player names / nick-names nor racist names will be tolerated inside the server.
§ 7.2 No pornographic or racist profile pictures will be tolerated inside the server.

§ 8 Ghosting is not allowed.

§ 9.1 Cheating will result in a permanent ban.
§ 9.2 Macros and key-bindings that are not possible using only CS:GO settings are not allowed and will be viewed the same as cheating.

§ 10 Respect our administrators, treat others as you want to be treated.

§ 11 Common sense applies on our servers. On our servers we have fun and we are polite and nice to each other. Everyone should have respect for all people. Arguing or being impolite to people is not allowed and will be punished.

§ 12 Use of exploits, glitches and bugs is forbidden.

Other rules and information:

1 Cheaters and rule breakers online? Report them by making a post in the forum if there is no administrator available. Make sure to get their steam id and record a video/demo if they are hacking or abusive and breaking our rules. We must have proof to give punishment.

2 Admins doesn’t have to give warnings before giving punishment. Everyone should read the rules and have common sense.

3 It is not allowed to trade on our servers. This applies to skins, accounts, credits etc. Talking or using a name (for example “looking for a trade”) concerning trading and trades is also not allowed.