About us

SURFBURKEN is a non-profit community. We run this along with our administrators and players because of our great interest in online games and game servers of course! We are a perfect and well-interested bunch of guys, for running just such a community we have today.

We’ve had other communities in the past, large and small. So we now know how to operate a community that is good. We are especially interested in the gameplay surf in various games, with deathmatch.

You could say that we run this community as a hobby, we spend a lot of time to develop SURFBURKEN and we do so at our leisure, without any profit.

SURFBURKEN is only a community, no association or business. It is therefore free to participate. However, if you want to support the community and its development, you can donate to keep the community running. For more information regarding this, please see the donate button in the main menu.

In early December 2012, we started up a surf game server with deathmatch game mode to Counter-Strike 1.6 to see how much interest there was, and it was still as great as last time we had such a game server.
We decide ourselves therefore to buy us a computer that we set up as a server and set online with this game server.
Since then, the community developed more and more, with more servers, various game servers and web-based game server systems.

Before it was just a start for fun, today we get to see that our hard work has really paid off in thousands of players visiting every day who think it’s fun that we’re here!

The development of the community and the game servers are completely determined by the players and community members through public feedback, player suggestions on the forums as well as polls for the players and community members to vote in, for what suits the community. All to make sure that the community fits the needs of as many of our players as possible.

Jonatan Andersson

To see the rest of our crew click on this link: CEO       Serveradmins

We hope you like our game servers and its Community!