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Jul 21 2017

Rust server wipe!

The Scheduled Rust server wipe has been performed!

Join in for a fresh start or search for ‘SURFBURKEN’ in the in-game server browser.

You can connect to the server via console by pressing F1 in the menu and typing “connect”.

Normal runtime of 2 weeks and next wipe will be on the next force wipe on august 3.

Jul 16 2017

My new role.


Today there has been a change for me. I will no longer handle the duties of an Admin Responsible and will instead take the role of a Server Manager. This means that I will no longer handle Admin Applications or Admins, but will handle the server side of things. I will however still handle Bans, mutes and gags.

So the current AR’s are: Hylken, Freakshow, Steelshield and Julia.

Best regards,

Jul 15 2017

Time for a change

Hi there!

Up until today, I’ve been handling applications and admins alongside Hylken, Freakshow, Enzyoo, Steelshield and Julia. I have given the roles some thought and have decided that it’s time for me to put the role as an Admin Responsible behind me and instead focus on being a Server Manager.

This means that I will not deal with Admin Applications, Admins etc anymore but instead deal with Server Managing, Server Maps and Server systems.

Best regards,

Jul 05 2017

Server-machine problems

We are currently having an issue with a server-machine which is causing some problems on the servers. One of the affects is that some servers are down. Another is that our system handling admins and VIP is not working properly.

Any player breaking the rules will be banned as soon as the system is up and running again. Players found abusing the current problems will have time added to their bans.


We are hoping to have solved the issue by 15:30 today.


Best regards,
Surfburken Crew

Jul 03 2017

Summary of the Admin meeting 2017-07-02

This is the summary of the admin meeting we had 2017-07-02.

    Paragraph 1

ALL of our admins should read Guidelines for admins

    Paragraph 2

During the spring we’ve gotten a lot of complaints against admins overusing their authority. This needs to stop and we will be tougher against this type of behaviour in the future.

    Paragraph 3

We would like to especially thank Ethical, Xtreme and Grim Reaper who took the most calls up until this date.

The other admins will have to be more active in taking admin calls.

    Paragraph 4

We want the admins to take notice of people who might be a potentially good admin so that they can give them positive feedback on their application or ask the person to make an application.

Helping us in getting good admins will increase your chances of becoming a Senior Admin or higher.

    Paragraph 5

Admins behaving badly/cheating on other communities or in matchmaking and so on is strictly prohibited and doing so will get you permanently banned and removed from our community.

    Paragraph 6

We’d like to give special thanks to Sioux for making another arena map. This time he did it for us and for Maxgaming

    Paragraph 7

We have changed the required amount of playing time for trial admins and regular admins. The new average required amount of playing time are as follows:
10 hours a week for 4 weeks for Trial Admins.
20 hours a month for Admins.

    Paragraph 8

Any suggestion you have is best given to us on our suggestions board here on the forum rather than to an Admin Responsible. This is to make sure that the correct person gets the suggestion and that it’s written down so that it won’t be forgotten. You are of course allowed to discuss ideas with an Admin Responsible beforehand but be sure to always post it on the forum in the end.

    Paragraph 9

If an admin goes away for more than a week, report this here.

This is so that we can take this into consideration during our admin cleanups.

    Paragraph 10

If you have questions or suggestions for any rules you can contact FreakshoW. He will gladly discuss it with you and with a good argument you might win the case and have the rule changed.

    Paragraph 11

We have gotten many reports that admins are banning people for discussing rules and/or an admins actions and this has to stop. If there is such a discussion the correct way of handling it is to speak with the player and explain the situation rather than to ban the player. If you can not handle this by yourself, bring the player to our teamspeak server and one of our Admin Responsibles or Senior Admins will help you solve the issue. If the player does not want to take the discussion further but instead continues to spam the server you are of course allowed to take action by muting or gagging the player.

    Paragraph 12

If you’re any good with programming, Photoshop etc. you are very welcome to contact us about this so we know for future projects that you are willing to help us in any way you can.

    Paragraph 13

Every admin is required to log on to the forums AT LEAST once every week to check if there’s any news or anything you need to respond to etc.

    Paragraph 14

We would like to remind the arena admins that they are supposed to spread out on ALL of our arena servers not only one of them. We would also like to inform all the JB admins that this goes for you as well since we now have two jailbreak servers and the second one does not have many active admins playing there.

We would like to thank all of you who attended the meeting.
Best regards,
Surfburken Crew

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