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Dec 11 2017

#14 MG Down until further notice.

Due to a bug #14 will be down until further notice.

We have no estimated time when this will be done, so please have patience.

Edit: This problem should now be fixed.

Best regards,

Dec 06 2017

#2 Changed into Prop Hunt!

Hello, we’ve recently changed our AWP-DM server into a Prop Hunt server, if you are a fan of TTT you might enjoy this as well! Be sure to check it out! Also be sure to read the rules!


– Hive365
– Prophunt


Make sure you become a VIP today to have a reserved slot due to they’re most likely full!

Best regards,

Dec 02 2017

New map for our Jailbreak servers!

We have added a new map to our JB servers!

The new map is called Finland.

Have a nice day!

Nov 29 2017

Server problems.


We currently have problems with a couple of our servers which has resulted in #3, #5, #12, #14 being down , we are currently working on fixing them but it will take a while unfortunately.

We will update this post when the servers are up and running again.

Update: All servers should be up and running again. If you encounter any bugs or a server crashes, please inform us immediately!


Sincerely the Surfburken crew.

Nov 23 2017

New Graphical designer

We’d like to introduce our new graphical designer Fader.

So you might be wondering who he is?
Hes an 32 year old guy that was a graphical designer for a printing company, also a former tattoo artist.
Had an own clothing label, been modeling for Locolife.
Right now he has a finger in whatnot and now hes our graphical designer.
I’d like everyone to give him a warm welcome to surfburken!

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