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Nov 17 2017

Rust server wipe!

The Scheduled Rust server wipe has been performed!

Join in for a fresh start and new updates or search for ‘SURFBURKEN’ in the in-game server browser.

You can connect to the server via console by pressing F1 in the menu and typing “connect”.

Perhaps not normal runtime of 2 weeks so the next wipe will be on either November 30 or December 7.

Nov 13 2017



Some services will be offline because of some maintenance.
This will occour during Swedish time 13.00-15.00.

Maintenance done 14.35.

Best regards,

Nov 12 2017

CSGO Surf #1 & #7 (RPG, DM)

I hope you’ve seen that we have 2 surf servers in CSGO! #1 Is ONLY Surf_ski_2_GO as a map, when there is PLENTY of other maps on #7.

The both servers are connected, so when you level in #1, you level in #7 also (They’re both connected to #17 Hoejhus also)

Here are some of the plugins on the servers.
-Store plugin (Trails, skins, titels etc.)
-RPG (Upgrade your Health, Regen, Armor, etc.)
-DM (Death match) You respawn immediately and you can pick what ever weapon you want.

Surf #1 Surf_ski only:
Surf #7 Many maps:

Make sure you become a VIP today to have a reserved slot due to they’re most likely full!

Nov 10 2017

Nigel’s new role.


Today we have promoted Nigel up from Senior Admin to Server Manager!

Welcome to the team!

Kind Regards,
Server Manager team.

Nov 08 2017

Servers down.

Due to a power blackout some servers will be offline until further notice. This post will be updated when the servers are back online.

UPDATE: Servers are now online.

Kind Regards

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