May 01 2018

Surfburken is going offline.

Hello everyone.

We have some sad news to announce.

After some discussion between us owners (Skippy, Geffel & Hylken) we have decided to shut the community down.

Why do we shut it down?

Well it’s beacuase we are starting to get old, starting familys & working most of the time and no longer have the time to take care of everything within the community. We feel that we can’t put the time and effort on the community as we could do 2-3 years ago.

We will let the servers run to the end of this month (May, 31/5) and after that it will no longer be up unfortunately.

As the most of you know we have been running this community since 2012. And we would like to thank every player and administrator who has been with us and is with us to the end of our time as a community. We had a blast through the years playing with you all i hope all of you also have had a great time when you’ve been playing on our servers through the years!

If you have any questions to us, please feel free to comment and we shall try to answer everything.

We wish everyone of you the best and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

Apr 16 2018

Removed servers!

Hello, Nigel here from the server management team.


Today we decided to remove a couple of our game server due to inactivity. So we can focus on the servers that are active and give you an overall better experience on our servers.

The following servers have been removed: #6, #11, #18, #20, #21, and CSS rotation.


Best regards from the Surfburken crew!

Apr 16 2018

FiveM | Information

Hello everyone!

Our FiveM server will be undergoing maintenance in the next few days. This means that our FiveM server will be offline.



# vRP will be removed which is our current framework.

# There will be a full reset of all our current data (characters, money, jobs, weapons & vehicles)



# ESX will be our new framework.

# Better scripts & a well-working cellphone.

# More things to do and explore.


Hopefully, this version will make our FiveM server a bit more popular and it will be international so no longer focused on our Swedish players. Focused on all our amazing players.



Apr 02 2018

Our JailBreak servers!

Hello everyone Nigel here!



Many of you players know that we made some changes on our jailbreak servers that weren’t to well recived. So we rolled back the changes we did to the system.

Feel free to join and give us some feedback on what you think 🙂



Best regards Server Manager group.

Mar 25 2018

Surf/DM #9

Hello! We’ve changed our server #9 Hunger Games to a SURF/DM Rotation only. So if you’re a fan of Surf or Death match this is the server for you.
Make sure to check out the rules and have some fun in it!


-Death match


Make sure you become a VIP today to have a reserved slot due to they’re most likely full!

Best regards,

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